Dress up Items:
Pretty Princess Dresses
Tea Party Dresses
Cowboy, Pirates
Costume Jewelry
Feather Boas
and much more....

Fun Dressup Wardrobe

Girls & Boys Favourite Dress-up Clothes, Accessories & Props

Perfect for Birthday Parties, Princess Parties, Halloween,Tea Parties, Play Date Rentals  or just for the fun of it!.

Star Wands
Plastic Swords
Jeweled Tiaras

You can either add the dress up wardrobe to a party package
rent the customized wardrobe by itself

We will deliver and pick up.  Delivery charges and a deposit may apply.

For more information please CONTACT US
and we will be glad to help you customize a wardrobe for your tweens next event.

Rent a customized dress up wardrobe for your tweens next event!
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